AI Based Weapon Detection & Response System

Unlike anything you've ever experienced

SafeSchool ™ uses the AI technology originally developed by the Google Brain team. Guns can be detected by your own video cameras and our pre-trained deep learning model. Security staffs will be notified in no time through our cloud-based MMS text messages, emails and/or mobile apps services. Security can immediately activate school lockdown after confirmation of the notification. Our program will also be switched to lockdown mode.


Swift notification

Security staff, police patrol and first responders can be informed in seconds through MMS text message, emails or mobile apps when gun is detected in surveillance camera. One-button school lockdown could be activated even before the gunfire is detected.


Track shooters location

No more blindness in school lockdown. Our algorithm can locate and track the active shooter(s) in real time. The approximate location of shooter can be updated to the police, security, teachers, and students through text message, emails, mobile apps and PA announcement.


Save time & lives

Our system can process multiple video streams, detect the gun and send notifications in real time. It is 10 times faster than detection by humans who watch multiple video camera screens. For any time saved for lockdown, many lives could be saved.


Leveraging existing cameras

It utilizes existing IP cameras from school for our gun detection system. No interruption with the existing CCTV system operations. The upfront installation cost will be significantly reduced without adding new sets of cameras and replacing the existing systems.

Integration with industry-leading solution

Notify the police and first responders

Notify the police patrol, dispatch center and emergency responsers through mass message or GPS enabled mobile apps.

Disabling card access

Secures all perimeter doors disabling card access and other electronic access control systems

Flashes strobe lights

Flashes strobe lights on exterior entrance doors warning people not to return to campus

Door ajar notification

Checks for doors that are ajar using the door ajar notification system and notify staff

Lockdown message on PA

Automatically triggers pre-recorded lockdown message over the PA & Radio Systems.

Computer notification

Displays a message on all computer screens. The “Lockdown message” can be customized

IP phone notification

Triggers IP phones & IP based radio to show “Lockdown Message” & Play audible “Lockdown Message”. Send mass text messages

AI Based Lockdown Mode

During the school lockdown, our program will be switched to lockdown mode with more advanced features included to save lives.